Airtel website hacked ?

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My 8Mbps broadband plan is sucking out money from the past 2 months; somehow I am managing to exceed the 4GB download limit.

With the intent of checking on some new plans, I tried to access the Airtel website

I ended up with this:

airtel hacked

The URL was being re-directed to….. Looks like the site was hacked by somebody !

Talking of Airtel web portal, Airtel seems to be changing its domain every other month; Few months back, it was (It was something else before this) and now its !

And with every domain change, they seem to be changing the URL for some of their important offering e.g. Airtel Data card.

Check an example URL for Airtel Data card:

And its not just this URL; every URL in the site seems to have a awkward “level2” and path parameter. Also the path parameter seems to get a new value with every domain change and makes linking to their site a pain !

Update: Airtel portal is back in action; not sure who hacked it or whether it was some upgrade issue. The countless number of “srilanka” in the URL in a way conveys that it was probably not a server upgrade issue !


HTC Customer Service in India

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Many of the visitors who land on my HTC related posts have contacted me to know more details on HTC Customer Service. I was initially surprised as to why these users couldn’t get this data via Google.

I did a search for HTC India on Google only to find crappy pages listed on the first page of search results.

There is not even a link to the global HTC site and this pretty much explained the reason for the number of people contacting me to know more on HTC customer service in India.

HTC does have a dedicated portal for customers in India. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up in Google search and the only way to find this to navigate via the HTC International home page

HTC India -

HTC provides support over Phone, Email and if it still doesn’t help you can walk into any of the customer care centers listed below:

Check in this link for up-to-date information

Location Address Telephone
Bangalore 2nd floor, Sunbeam 1/1, Langford (Facing Eagle), Langford Town, Bangalore-560 025 +91-80-22129351,52,415,29,303

Property No: 11/1, P.T.road


Bangalore – 560004

Chennai Old no 258, New no.433, Poonamallee High Road,Aminjikarai , Chennai-600029 +91-44-26640689, 45530332


A-4, Gemini Parson complex,

New No. 446, Anna salai,

Chennai – 06



Kolkata 2 Pippan Street, Kolkata-17

Delhi B-81, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-II, New Delhi-20 +91+11-26383667,26383671

Lower ground floor,

38 – Bunglow road

Kamala nagar,

New delhi – 110007

Mumbai Mahajan Compound, Behind Union Bank,LBS Marg, Vikhroli (W),Mumbai -400079 +91-22-65247595;92
Ahmedabad 210, Pawan Plaza Complex, Nr. Sardar Patel Statue, Naranpura, Ahmedabad-380013 +91-79-27681900,9913128625

FF – 3, Kasturi complex,

Opp athithi dining hall

Judges bunglow road,Bodekdev

Ahmedabad – 380054

Chandigarh SCO 355, 1st Floor, Sec-32d, Chandigarh-1600032 +91-172-4663852
Jaipur 17-B, Satya Marg, Nand Puri Market, 22 Godown, Jaipur-302004 +91-141-2210223
Pune 110, 111 Manish Plaza, NIBM Road, Pune-48 +91-20-40100915,40100900
Hyderabad Room No 509, Taramandal Complex, 5-9-13 Saifabad, Hyderabad 500004 +91-40-30283991

Shop No:2, Ground floor

Elephant house

Ameerpet ‘X’ roads,


Lucknow Dayal Chember, 3 way Road, Raja Ram Mohan Rai Marg, Opp.Krishi Bhawan, Lucknow 226001 +91-0522-40628891
Gurgaon Shed No. 19, Hartron Complex, SECTOR-18,ELECTRONIC CITY,GURGAON-122015 +91-0124 – 4019869, 2342073
Gauhati FFloor,Nilgiri Mansion,Near Satsang Vihar Bus stand, Bangagarh, GS Road, Guwahati-781005 Assam +91-0361-2733012
Meerut NICS house,first floor,Bhopal singh Market,Begum Bridge, Meerut (U.P) 250002 +91-121-4005714
Pune 302, Sanskruti Mantra, Vijaynagar Colony,Sadashivpeth, Pune-41103 +91-20-40100900

Shop – 11, Ground floor

Kumar Pavillion, Near Victory theatre

East street,

Pune – 411001


If any of the above phone number is not working, please check this link for updated information.


Cell Broadcast on HTC Touch

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Cell Broadcast also know as Short Message Service – Cell Broadcast (SMS-CB) is a service designed for delivery of messages to multiple users in a specified area. Unlike SMS Point to Point which is manly a one to one service Cell Broadcast is a one to many service.

Some mobile operators use Cell Broadcast for communicating the area code of the antenna cell to the mobile user (via channel 050), for nationwide or citywide alerting, weather reports, mass messaging, location based news, etc. The service might not be supported by all the operators; even some of the handsets don’t have the capability to receive Cell Broadcast messages.

One of the readers on my earlier post on HTC Touch wanted to know whether the Cell Broadcast service could be enabled on HTC. The service can be enabled easily on a Nokia or a Sony Ericsson phone and isn’t so easy to configure on HTC.

Steps to enable Cell Broadcast on HTC Touch

  1. Navigate to the following screen on the device
    Start -> Settings -> Phone -> More
  2. Check the “Enable” box under the Broadcast Channels

    Cell Info on HTC Touch

  3. Click on the “Settings” to bring up the following screen

    Cell Info on HTC Touch

    -> Check “Receive channel list”
    -> Set Language to “All Languages”
    -> Create a new item with any name and channel number set to 050 or 50

  4. You should immediately see the Cell Broadcast messages being displayed as message alerts.
  5. Cell Broadcast messages as message alerts are annoying and if you want the same to appear on the home screen, install the BatteryStatus application. Once installed, the application has an option to display the Cell broadcast messages on the “Today” screen
    You can even optionally set the alignment for the broadcast messages.
  6. Once the above setting is done, you should see the Broadcast messages on the home screen as shown below (The message is next to the battery status)


Note: The display of Broadcast messages is a battery sucker ! As you can see from the above image, the battery was fully charged before I enabled the broadcast feature. Within a day, the battery drained to 18% ! Every time a message is received, the display light is turned on and this is one major battery drainer.


Must have software for Windows

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I happened to reinstall the OS on my system (yet again) and there is a set of software that I install after every OS re-install. In fact I have a “Must Have” directory which has all the software’s that I use on a day to day basis.

Here is my list of “must have” applications for Windows. I am also mentioning it in the order of install of these applications.

Kaspersky Antivirus

The first thing to do after reinstalling an OS (or before you connect to the Internet) is to install a good Antivirus  and a AntiSpyware application.Kaspersky I currently have a 2 year subscription of Kaspersky and its one of the best AV applications that I have used so far.

There are a lot of quality free Antivirus software out there, but this has been one area where I am not willing to take risk by opting for a free alternative. I’ve had bad experience using some of the free alternatives and even some of the paid ones such as Norton gave me a lot of trouble.

Kaspersky takes the least amount of memory and CPU and also does the best job when finding/detecting viruses. No wonder its rated in the top in almost all the Antivirus reviews !

For spyware, as of now I am relying on Windows Defender which comes pre-installed with Vista ! Not sure if I am taking a risk here ๐Ÿ™‚

Mozilla Firefox

Unfortunately the OS (Windows XP/Vista) does not come pre-installed with this powerful browser and I do have to install it separately ! FirefoxAlso thanks to the continuous updates, I always download the latest version rather than choosing the installable in my “Must Have” directory !

Few years back if you happened to visit a browsing center, you would only find IE installed on all the systems. When I used to ask about Firefox, I always used to get “What is that” expression ! Now I see that Firefox is also installed by default. Yes more users are now aware of this browser and rightly so !

I am not going to explain the choice of this browser; If you are a Firefox user you know the reason, if you are not, you better switch and start using Firefox !

And if you also happen to reinstall your system OS every now and then, do remember to backup the bookmarks via the Bookmark Manager !


This is again a shareware application, but I do have a registered copy of WinRar and its way better than WinZip. Especially while handling the CAB or the JAR files I find WinRar very useful. 7Zip is a free alternative if you don’t want to shell out money for WinRar.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

When it comes to download managers, you again have a lot of options. I have tried most of them and have finally settled on Free Download Manager. It has the best user interface and does not run any Ads !

I do find the community options annoying is one feature that I turn off during the installation.

Do remember to run the “Optimization master” (found under options menu) to get the best download experience possible via FDM !


If you are keyboard junkie then you would definitely like Launchy. It’s one powerful application launcher and have written more about this app in my earlier post.

Read my earlier post on Launchy !


I hate web based RSS readers, they are slow and UI is sluggish compared to the desktop based readers. Of the desktop based readers, I love FeedDemon for its simple yet powerful user interface and the synchronization feature ! What more, its free and a must have if you don’t like Google Reader ๐Ÿ™‚

Read my earlier post on FeedDemon !

VLC Media Player/iTunes

VLC Media PlayerAh ! I hate the inbuilt Windows Media Player ! I end up seeing the “codec” error almost every time I play a video (which is not AVI ! ).

This is when VLC Media Player comes to my rescue ! It’s a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, etc) as well as DVDs, VCD’s, and various streaming (RTSP) protocols.

I also install iTunes to manage my iPod and the loaned iPhone !

Notable Alternative: Zoom Player

Google Talk

Google Talk is the only IM client that I use ! Yes I’m done with Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger ! Google Talk is light on memory and has almost all the features I need from a IM client; Presence, Chat History, Sharing files etc. And I love the way it delivers IM even though I have logged in from more than one location !


This app might not be required as soon as you re-install the OS, but does come in handy over the period of time. The default “Disk cleanup” feature in Windows does almost nothing compared to CCleaner ! And yes it does the cleanup work pretty fast too !


TextPad saves you the pain of installing an editor for every other file format ! Want to open a CSS file, PHP file, HTML file,  a properties file or even a file with no extension, TextPad comes in handy.

Notable Alternatives: Notepad++ and PSPad

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Live photo gallery is one of the applications from the Live family that is worth loading. No Google love here;I prefer this app over Picasa for a number of reasons !

Read my earlier post on Photo Gallery to know why ! 


If you download a lot of stuff from torrent a lightweight BitTorrent client is a must ! Even though I don’t download much data from Torrent sites, I have used ยตTorrent a couple of times !

The install size is pretty small and even the memory usage is pretty low compared to the other BitTorrent clients !

Foxit PDF Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a pain to use; its slow and more often than not it freezes the browser (including Firefox). Though there are extensions in Firefox to avoid this, nothing has been done to improve the Reader loading speed. It’s one of the reasons I have settled on Foxit for opening PDF documents. Its amazingly fast and its a must have if you open a lot of PDF documents !

Read my earlier post on Foxit !

Note: The below mentioned applications might make more sense if you author a blog


There are a lot of quality FTP clients for windows and I have settled on FileZilla for its simplicity. You have a site manager feature, if you do connect to a lot of different FTP servers and transferring of files between the server and client is damn easy (Even drag and drop onto the server is supported)


WinSCP is a free SFTP and SCP client for Windows. Unlike FTP clients, there aren’t many quality clients out there supporting SCP on Windows. When I edit any of the files on my server I always do it via WinSCP. Editing a file on the server opens the same on a SCP editor and a save on the file automatically puts back the file on the server.

WinSCP also has come in handy for me to transfer files between my iPhone and the PC !

The good thing about WinSCP is that it does come with a standalone version which can be copied and run from your USB drive !

Windows Live Writer

Almost every blog writer has fell in love with this Microsoft product ! Live Writer simplifies the task of writing and publishing posts !

Read this to know why Live writer rocks !

The following is the other list of software that I install and have mentioned separately since they are not the “must have”

  1. SharePod – Used to copy songs between iPod and PC

What does your list look like ?


Cleaning up your Gmail emails

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I am sure many would be surprised with the title of this post. Gmail for one provides with almost 6.6GB of space and its keeps growing every day. It would be amazingly difficult to fill up this space.

Even on the Gmail’s home page, you would see this marketing statement:

Over 6628.815124 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so 
you'll never need to delete another message.

So why would anyone want to clean up/delete the mails on his/her Gmail account ?

I for one find it annoying to store unwanted mails; Note that I am not talking of spam mails and referring to marketing mails etc which are genuine but unwanted !

These mails just fill up your pages and most importantly show up while I am searching for important mails.

So how to clean up your Gmail ?

Most of the time I ensure that I delete the mails as soon as I see them; however some of them still manage to live in my inbox. This is how I clean up my inbox.

  1. Click on a message which I find “unwanted”
  2. Click on “Filter Messages like these” option (Snapshot shown below)
  3. The above option was introduced to ease the creation of Filter/labels and for some reason the filtered messages pages doesn’t have a “delete” option !
  4. This is where the Gmail keyboard shortcuts come in handy :). Select all the message and press #. The selected messaged are deleted !

So even though there are no menu options to operate on the filtered mails, the keyboard shortcuts still does work !

Do you delete your Gmail acccount emails ?


Twitter Clients for iPhone

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Twitter is a web service which helps you to communicate and stay connected through quick exchange of messages. Its supposedly one of the fastest growing phenomena on the Internet.

Until few days back, accessing Twitter service from iPhone was possible only via the safari web browser. Following are the 4 web based Twitter Clients for iPhone:

Twitter Mobile

Twitter Mobile is the official version of the mobile client. The User interface is basic (hence loads faster) and it lacks a lot of features available on normal web based client.

The following snapshot shows the only 4 options available on the mobile client.

Twitter Mobile

Pocket Tweets

The user interface of PocketTweets is pretty good with buddy icons and the available timelines. However the good looking interface took a toll on the loading speed. It was amazingly slow even when I used the client over Wi-Fi

PocketTweets for iPhone


Hahlo has a much better user interface compared to PocketTweets and it also loaded up pretty fast. The home page is kind of not that user friendly and would have liked if it could directly showed the friends timeline.

Hahlo Twitter Client for iPhone


iTweet has all the features but not the right user interface. I found it too difficult to use; only a few tweets are displayed and the application menu itself took a lot of space on the screen.

iTweet for iPhone

Following are the 2 native twitter clients available for iPhone:

Mobile Twitter

MobileTwitter is a native twitter applications developed by Nicholas Pike and is available on the STE source. The native client loaded the tweets pretty fast and unlike the web clients you don’t have to enter the login credentials again and again.

The only issue with this client is the positioning of the options menu with respect to the iPhone keyboard which pops up while posting a tweet. Many a times I ended up clicking on an option rather than typing a character !




  • Your timeline (you + those you follow)
  • Direct messages
  • Replies
  • Everyone
  • Updating your Twitter status
  • Reply directly to tweets from MobileTwitter
  • Open Tweets in MobileSafari (handy for clicking on links..)
  • Direct message authors of tweets
  • integration
  • Manual refresh


Twinkle is very similar to MobileTwitter in terms of features and User interface. One interesting feature in Twinkle is the “Location” feature using which you can check on the tweets posted by people near to you. If you don’t find any tweets you can always change the distance ๐Ÿ™‚




If you know of any other Twitter client for iPhone, please suggest the same via the comment form.


Moving from Dreamhost to Media Temple

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Exactly an year back I wrote about moving this blog from GoDaddy to Dreamhost. The story continues and this year I have moved to Media Temple (referral link).

I had considered Media Temple last year, however the site revenues weren’t enough to match the rates quoted by Media Temple. Even this time around I thought a lot before choosing  Media Temple. I did see a lot of negative reviews on Media Temple but I guess you would see that for every other hosting provider.

You need to use the service to come to a conclusion and MT does have a 30 day money back guarantee option.

Why shift from Dreamhost ?


One main reason was the downtime that this site experienced while running on Dreamhost. At one point of time, the pingdom service used to report a downtime almost every day.

The site speed also was no way near to normal and this definitely affected the pageviews (People who come via search engine referral would hesitate to explore the site, if the landing page is too slow)

One positive thing about Dreamhost is the quality of support. I got response for almost all my support queries and unlike the site response time, I have no complaints on the support response time !

Isn’t MT expensive ?


Some of the best hosting options would cost around 10-12$/month and MT quotes around 20$/month.

However if you do a 1 year pre-payment you do save 40$. I used a coupon code and saved another 15% to finally end up with 14$/month charge which in my opinion isn’t too much if your site is monetized.

And you do have the option of reselling the hosting and this can also help in bringing down the monthly expense.

Isn’t moving data a pain ?

Moving all the data from one server to another is a time consuming task and is one of the reasons users would hesitate to switch to a different hosting. Unlike my previous move from GoDaddy to Dreamhost, this time around I had a lot of data to move !

Transferring the data from Dreamhost to my local system and then transferring it back to Media Temple would have definitely taken time. However I used one simple yet powerful SCP command to transfer the files within 10 minutes !

For e.g. to move my entire domain related files (not the database), I just executed the following command from the SSH terminal on my Dreamhost server

scp -r user@mediatempleaccessdomain:/backup

Note: For the above approach to work, you need to signup with MT and should have received the Access Domain related data and the login credentials for the access domain

I also dumped the database using mysqldump and again used SCP to move the SQL files onto the MT server.

The transfer was done at a blazing speed of 2MB/second. Once the data was moved, all I had to do was to move the domain related files to the MT specific server paths and restoring the SQL data on to the newly created MySQL database on MT grid.

You can even test the new setup by modifying your hosts file on Windows (i.e. I pointed to the new MT server) and once its tested you can go ahead and modify the name servers to point to the new domain (This modification in the DNS will take some time to propagate)

Is MT worth the price ?

It just been 2 days and I am not in the state to comment on the hosting performance and support. In a few days I should be able to make a good judgement on MT and will definitely keep you posted ๐Ÿ™‚

If anybody is already on MT, let me know how your experience has been till now (I do read a lot of posts where people write about moving to MT, but have seen very few who have written about the actual experience ! )

Meanwhile for all those keeping a tab on this blog’s RSS feed, please do open up this post in a browser and let me know if the site is loading up fast :). It’s also an opportunity for you to checkout the new theme running on this blog ๐Ÿ™‚


Fluency – Best Admin Theme for WordPress

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WordPress 2.5 was released some days back and I upgraded to the same with some minor hiccups. There were high expectations from me and everybody with respect to the Admin user interface.

I for one was totally disappointed when I found out that the menu items in the interface were taking almost 50% on my 15″ widescreen.


Also I found that it was not just me complaining; Many found that the new admin interface was not that user friendly including Dean Robinson who came up with Fluency Admin Theme for WordPress 2.5. The theme moves the main options to a sidebar and the sub-options to the top (screenshot below)

Fluency Admin Theme for WordPress

It just looks so neat and it even simplifies the user navigation. The only limitation of this theme is that it works only with CSS2 compliant browsers i.e. Firefox, Safari and IE8. If support is added for the other browsers, it should definitely qualify to become the official theme for WordPress Admin UI !

Thanks to Raj Gaurav for pointing me to this plugin!

Download Fluency Admin Plugin


Upgraded to WordPress 2.5


WordPress, the publishing platform used for this site just got upgraded to version 2.5. As usual I used the Dreamhost “one click upgrade” and the upgrade to 2.5 was done within minutes. (I love this feature in Dreamhost ๐Ÿ™‚ )

However it took more than a few minutes to actually get the site going after the upgrade.

The first major issue was that I could not login to the WordPress Admin Console ! The error message indicated a fatal exception while registering the widgets and hence the dashboard could not be opened.


I knew that the error was related to a WordPress plugin and hence checked on the 2.5 compatibility list. The culprit plugin was the “Disable WordPress Widgets” which I had configured on my previous WordPress installation.

To fix this problem, I just SSH’ ed to my web server and deleted the plugin file.

When I used to upgrade manually, I always used to disable all the WordPress plugin’s. (This is also mentioned in the WordPress upgrade instructions).However if your hosting provides a one click upgrade, you should be more careful to ensure that you don’t run into problems like above.

The other problem I had is with Alex Kings Popularity Contest plugin. The plugin just wasn’t activating and if you are also facing the same problem all you need to do is to edit the popularity-contest.php (Line 59, if you are using the latest version)

if (!isset($wpdb)) {

The line require(‘../../wp-blog-header.php’) has to be changed to require(‘../wp-blog-header.php’);

WordPress 2.5 has a refreshing welcome change to the UI of the admin console. However one thing I noticed was that too less of content was displayed on my 15″ widescreen monitor. For e.g. check this image below


The site name along with the various menus itself ate almost 50% of the screen. I guess while WordPress developers test on their PC,  they always do it on big high resolution 21″-29″ monitors. I am not sure if there is anything else which can explain the reason for this being overlooked.

However I loved the Automatic plugin upgrade feature, its very useful. Also I thought that the “upgrade automatically” link should have opened in a window of its own by default ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.5 ? What is your opinion on WordPress 2.5 ?


iPhone in India – Breaking, Activating and Unlocking

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A 16 GB iPhone just made its way to my home today all the way from an US store. Even though I had “experienced” iPhone by reading about it and by seeing tons of videos on YouTube, using it live was a totally different experience.

iPhone is an amazing, astounding, remarkable, wonderful, incredible, marvelous product from Apple!

The sad fact is that I can use this phone only for the next 20 days after which my brother would take ownership! (He is the actual owner of this phone)

iPhone (2)

Sadder is the fact that I have to return using my HTC Touch. Believe me, HTC Touch UI is nothing compared to iPhone; same goes for the user experience.

Using iPhone in India

We all know that iPhone is available only in a few select countries and its also bound/locked to a particular carrier in that country. And if you are not lucky to be in that country, the only way to use an iPhone is by “hacking” it.

I spent almost 3-4 hours by going through the various forums to find the safest way of hacking the iPhone.

As you read more and more into these forums, rather than being informed, you end up in a confused state. You really can’t decide as to what method to use to hack your 500$ iPhone.

I am in no way an iPhone hacking expert but this is what I understood by going through tons of articles and forum posts. (Disclaimer: The information might not be 100% accurate)

First thing is to understand some of the terminologies associated with hacking the iPhone.

Jailbreak It is the method used to set the iPhone OS file system in read/write mode. You can install third party applications only on a “jailbroken” iPhone.

Activate – Before you can use any of iPhone features, you must activate iPhone by signing up for a service plan with the iPhone service carrier in your area and registering iPhone with the network.

Unlock – A procedure used to make the iPhone work with any GSM Carrier and involves hacking the baseband on iPhone.

If you are planning to use iPhone in India you need to do all of the above. For some legal users of iPhone hacking might only involve “Jailbreak” which allows them to install third party applications.

Tools to hack iPhone

After going through the various forums, I narrowed down onto two tools to hack the iPhone (on Windows)

  1. ZiPhone 2.6b
  2. iPlus 2.0b

There is one set of users who have had success with ZiPhone and there is one set which believes that iPlus is the safest way of hacking iPhone.

The way ZiPhone breaks iPhone is different from the way iPlus does; ZiPhone permanently downgrades the bootloader from version 4.6 to 3.9 whereas iPlus downgrades it to a fake blank 3.9 bootloader. With iPlus you have an option to go back to 4.6 bootloader which is probably required to shield against future firmware updates from Apple.

Many believe that iPlus2.0b is the safest way to hack iPhone; however note that there is one issue found with using Fake Blank Bootloader. More details on this post. The issue is more of a warning and might occur only if you try to downgrade to 1.0.0 or 1.1.1 firmware.

ZiPhone has a very nice user interface and it almost tempted me to use it rather than iPlus. (Note: ZiPhone is probably an ideal tool to break iPod Touch)


However the inability to restore back 4.6 bootloader prompted me to use iPlus2.0b with the international payload. Though iPlus2.0b is command line driven, it did its work of breaking, activating and unlocking the iPhone with zero trouble.

The iPhone is currently activated on Airtel network and it should also work with the following service providers:

  • Spice
  • Vodafone
  • CellOne



For using iPlus2.0, I followed the instructions given on this post:

Also note that I skipped the loading of 1.1.4 firmware; You can skip this after confirming that you have 1.1.4 version of the firmware on your iPhone. To confirm the firmware version, you need to type in this code: *3001#12345#*

Also if you are not comfortable with this command line interface, the same developers of iPlus have come up with iLiberty+.


This UI wrapper for iPlus was released a week back and I thought it might be risky to try out a new untested tool. However I do like the concept of iLiberty+ where they have tried to design it as an extensible tool; users can download and place the payloads of their choice and select the same from the “Advanced” tab.


Disclaimer: This post is just my experience of breaking iPhone using iPlus2.0, if you bricked your iPhone using iPlus2.0 or ZiPhone I am not liable ๐Ÿ™‚