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Xobni Insight is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that offers email management and provides instant access to the most important information in your email. Xobni also supposedly exposes the hidden social network in your email.

The add-on has several features, including fast email search, email analytics, automatic phone number discovery, threaded conversations, and more. When you click on an email in Outlook, the Xobni sidebar shows the following information

  • Relationship Statistics – Number of emails sent and received
  • Contact Information (Phone number is automatically extracted from the email)
  • Related People
  • Threaded Conversation
  • Shared Attachments

The “Organize” Tab displays the following information

  • Upcoming Appointments
  • To-Do Items
  • A list of people whom you  might not have contacted in a long time

Xobni is currently in an invite-only beta; to try Xobni you can sign up here. I got an invite of Xobni via the Priority Access route.

I will not write about the features in detail, the following video pretty much summarizes the unique features in Xobni

Currently I have 5 invites of Xobni; If you want an invite, please do leave a comment on this post!

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  • V V S Kumar Jan 15, 2008

    Looking cool from features per say, but i’m interested to see how this changes the perspective of my inbox usage n how useful it is to me with all the loaded features that xobni offers. Offer me an invite so that I shall explore its features and make use of it to the fullest extent.

    V V S

  • Peiman Jan 15, 2008

    Hi Dear
    Please send me an invitation.
    Best Regards

  • tristan Jan 15, 2008

    Wow sounds like a pretty cool app, can i have one please ??

  • T.C. Jan 15, 2008

    I’d love an invite!

    tcjudd (at) gmail.com


  • vik Jan 16, 2008

    Please send an invite…


  • L3rd Jan 16, 2008

    Hi, I will like to have an invitation.

  • Peiman Jan 16, 2008

    Thanks Dear

  • tw3nty3ight Jan 16, 2008

    PLease shoot me an invite… I can offer you a Grand Central Invite in exchange!


  • L3rd Jan 17, 2008


  • kenneth reitz Jan 18, 2008

    hey, i’d LOVE an invite 🙂 !!!!!!!!!
    drummer42 at gmail.com

  • E Jan 20, 2008

    Very interested. 7eric7 -at- g m a i l

  • Friedbeef Jan 21, 2008

    One invite please 🙂

  • rambhai Jan 24, 2008
  • an invite for me too!

  • Onlinetrails Mar 6, 2008

    I will be thrill to try it out. Really cool features. Can you send me an invite. Thanks.

  • Justin Mar 24, 2008

    I would be very interested in getting an invite to Xobni, if you have one more to give out that would awesome.


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