Safari – Now on Windows

June 12, 2007

One of the announcements made by Steve Jobs in WWDC was the availability of Safari Web Browser on Windows. As soon as I saw the news (it was around 1AM IST), I was tempted to try it out. The windows installable is around 8MB. The Browser setup optionally installs the following components: Bonjour Networking Service Apple […]

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Windows Live Writer – Powerful Desktop Based Weblog Client

August 17, 2006

The WYSIWYG editor in worpdress is one of feature that is used most by any user using wordpress to host the website. However this builtin editor is pretty slow and to write/publish every post, you need to login to the administration console. Desktop based weblog clients are a good alternative and these clients help you […]

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Publishing Problem in WordPress

May 8, 2006

Few guys might have noted some problems in wordpress publishing from the past 2 days. WordPress 2.0.2 had moved the essential trackbacks and pingbacks into a script that gets loaded separately from when you publish a post. Instead of cycling through all of the pingbacks and trackbacks (like in version 1.5), the publication process spawns […]

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Flock – Browser for Bloggers

May 4, 2006

The WYSIWYG "editors" for posting blogs in Blogger or WordPress are pretty slow. You need to login to the administration page whenever you need to write a new post. Blogger does provide a plugin for Microsoft Word, however you cannot post documents with images. So I started searching for a nice tool to ease this […]

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How to setup your own web site !

April 29, 2006

If you search for the “title” string (i.e. Setup your own web site) in Google, the first result you will get is of Blogger. Blogger is a free service and its very easy to setup your own blog. Even I started with hosting my site on Blogger. But I did have some bad experiences with […]

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