Airtel website hacked ?

May 1, 2008

My 8Mbps broadband plan is sucking out money from the past 2 months; somehow I am managing to exceed the 4GB download limit. With the intent of checking on some new plans, I tried to access the Airtel website I ended up with this: The URL was being re-directed to….. Looks like the […]

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HTC Customer Service in India

April 29, 2008

Many of the visitors who land on my HTC related posts have contacted me to know more details on HTC Customer Service. I was initially surprised as to why these users couldn’t get this data via Google. I did a search for HTC India on Google only to find crappy pages listed on the first […]

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Cell Broadcast on HTC Touch

April 24, 2008

Cell Broadcast also know as Short Message Service – Cell Broadcast (SMS-CB) is a service designed for delivery of messages to multiple users in a specified area. Unlike SMS Point to Point which is manly a one to one service Cell Broadcast is a one to many service. Some mobile operators use Cell Broadcast for […]

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Must have software for Windows

April 20, 2008

I happened to reinstall the OS on my system (yet again) and there is a set of software that I install after every OS re-install. In fact I have a “Must Have” directory which has all the software’s that I use on a day to day basis. Here is my list of “must have” applications […]

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Cleaning up your Gmail emails

April 16, 2008

I am sure many would be surprised with the title of this post. Gmail for one provides with almost 6.6GB of space and its keeps growing every day. It would be amazingly difficult to fill up this space. Even on the Gmail’s home page, you would see this marketing statement: Over 6628.815124 megabytes (and counting) […]

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Twitter Clients for iPhone

April 15, 2008

Twitter is a web service which helps you to communicate and stay connected through quick exchange of messages. Its supposedly one of the fastest growing phenomena on the Internet. Until few days back, accessing Twitter service from iPhone was possible only via the safari web browser. Following are the 4 web based Twitter Clients for […]

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Moving from Dreamhost to Media Temple

April 8, 2008

Exactly an year back I wrote about moving this blog from GoDaddy to Dreamhost. The story continues and this year I have moved to Media Temple (referral link). I had considered Media Temple last year, however the site revenues weren’t enough to match the rates quoted by Media Temple. Even this time around I thought […]

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Fluency – Best Admin Theme for WordPress

April 3, 2008

WordPress 2.5 was released some days back and I upgraded to the same with some minor hiccups. There were high expectations from me and everybody with respect to the Admin user interface. I for one was totally disappointed when I found out that the menu items in the interface were taking almost 50% on my […]

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

March 30, 2008

WordPress, the publishing platform used for this site just got upgraded to version 2.5. As usual I used the Dreamhost “one click upgrade” and the upgrade to 2.5 was done within minutes. (I love this feature in Dreamhost ) However it took more than a few minutes to actually get the site going after the […]

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iPhone in India – Breaking, Activating and Unlocking

March 29, 2008

A 16 GB iPhone just made its way to my home today all the way from an US store. Even though I had “experienced” iPhone by reading about it and by seeing tons of videos on YouTube, using it live was a totally different experience. iPhone is an amazing, astounding, remarkable, wonderful, incredible, marvelous product […]

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