Unlocking HTC Touch

by venukb on October 15, 2007

When I bought the HTC Touch Smartphone I was never told by the reseller that it was locked onto Airtel Network in India. Only after seeing some of the comments left on my earlier post, I realized that it was a SIM locked phone.

Recently when I traveled to Beijing, I felt the pain of having a SIM Locked phone. I had all my contacts and other details on this phone and yet it wasn’t useful when I needed it the most.


When I inserted the China Mobile SIM onto the phone, I was prompted to enter the "Unlock Code". A search for the unlocking procedure on Google pointed me to a lot of paid sites which were ready to send the unlock code on a payment of 20$.

However I did stumble upon a thread in XDA Developers forum which helped me to easily unlock my HTC Touch ! (free of cost)

Instructions for Unlocking HTC Touch

1. Use ActiveSync to copy the following files onto your phone

  • Cert_SPCS.cab
  • EnableRapi.cab

2. Install the above 2 applications on your phone by clicking on the CAB

3. Unzip Touch_Unlock.zip on your PC  and run Unlock_Touch.exe (See that the ActiveSync connection between the PC and the mobile is still up)

4. A file unlock_code.txt will be generated which will have the 8 digit unlock code (Ignore any other digits if generated.)

Download: Cert_SPCS.cab/EnableRapi.Cab/Touch_Unlock.zip

More information can be found on the following official thread on XDA Forum.


The procedure was quite simple and thanks a ton to Rishi, the guy who submitted the procedure on the XDA forum :)

Unlocking HTC Touch Dual

Many visitors have landed on this post searching for a unlock solution for HTC Touch Dual.

Going by the comments on this thread, it seems like the Unlock solution for Touch mentioned above does not work for HTC Touch Dual.

I spent some time on XDA forums and finally found this thread which lists the procedure to CID unlock the HTC Touch Dual


CID Unlock is also referred to as the vendor lock and is done by the  manufacturer to prevent installation of ROM not released by them.

After unlocking using the procedure, you can flash any ROM of your choice.


Note: Use the above procedure at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damage caused by the files attached in the procedure.

If you know about any other procedure/tools to unlock HTC Touch/Dual, please feel free to suggest the same in the comments section.

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